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$MAYA token

Best way to benefit in Maya, passively
We want to have an additional option to participate in our project, and that's why $MAYA tokens exist. With their profit-sharing model, anybody can participate from the fees generated by the protocol.


1. Maya Protocol has been designed to be optimally fair and open. To accomplish this, two different tokens are contemplated: $MAYA and $CACAO. Both tokens can be freely traded and have different and important use cases.
2. $CACAO is our flagship token, and we will have 100M of them at launch. They will all be minted at once and then distributed to the people participating in our Liquidity Auction. Aside from being required to run a node, they can be paired against other assets inside our liquidity pools to earn a percentage of the transaction fees generated by swaps.
3. $MAYA coins can be used to participate in our protocol's total revenues, and there are exactly 1M of them. They serve as our initial stages' funding mechanism and, by design, keep incentives for our developer team to continue their hard work in the short-term and long term.