Discover a complete toolkit to tailor your Maya experience

Maya Scan

MayaScan is a cutting-edge blockchain explorer designed for speed, simplicity, user-friendliness, stunning UI, and efficiency. It offers a streamlined and intuitive experience for users seeking to explore blockchain data from the Maya Protocol.

Features: Maya Protocol monitors for transactions, addresses, LP, analytics and networks stats, MRC-20 & M-NFT indexer powered by GLD.

Accessibility: Web and mobile responsive.

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Maya Swap

Maya Swap is a seamless trading platform for MAYA and CACAO tokens with a tailored order book. By holding MAYA tokens, users automatically earn daily CACAO rewards, enriching their portfolios. It was built by the MayaScan team.

Features: Buy and sell $MAYA tokens in the order book. Track prices and volume in real time.

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Connect, Trade, Earn, Thrive. Mayans brings the worlds of social media and decentralized finance together through the Maya Protocol. Trade your MRC-20 tokens and M-NFTs. Built by the MayaScan team.

Features: Secure and private messaging, MRC-20 trading and staking, signals keeping you informed of the latest trends, playing DeFi games, and more.

Maya Info Bot

The Maya Info Bot tracks significant transactions and crucial changes to the Maya Protocol network. Subscribers are promptly notified via Telegram, Discord, and X channels.


Tracked event types

1) Large transfers of native assets

2) Significant swap and liquidity addition/withdrawal transactions

3) Liquidity pool statistics

4) Cacao price fluctuations

5) Mimir parameter adjustments

Accessibility: Any mobile or desktop device with Telegram/Discord/X app installed or web browser.

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