Bonding & Unbonding Guide

A guide on how to bond/unbond LP units on MAYAChain using El Dorado Market

Only proceed with the following steps after you've been whitelisted by your node operator

1. Connecting your wallet

Visit and connect your wallet

2. Select the keystore file of your wallet and enter your password

This keystore file should also contain the LP position(s) you want to bond.

3. Go to your wallet

Click on Wallet on the top right corner of your screen. This will bring you to a page that shows the balances of your wallet

4. Go to the $CACAO transfer screen

Click on Transfer button next to your CACAO balance.

5. Hit the Custom Memo button

Click on the button right before Make a deposit with custom memo.

6. Fill in the memo

You should see the following screen:

The memo is the most important of this whole process.

The structure for the bonding memo is as follows:


  • ASSET is one of the assets available to bond. Check the Pools endpoint for all current pools

Not all assets are available for bonding. Check with your node operator or on Discord which assets are bondable

  • LPUNITS specifies how many LP units of given asset you want to bond. You can enter your Maya address in MayaScan, press on your desired pool, to see the amount of LP units you have on each pool.

  • NODEADDRESS is the Maya address of the Node you want to bond to.

An example memo would look like this:

BOND:THOR.RUNE:100000000000:maya13pv4zgyy85lzadjjkyvy3mmmr7l0yx9lzamay4 - Bond 100000000000 THOR.RUNE LP Units to node maya13pv4zgyy85lzadjjkyvy3mmmr7l0yx9lzamay4

Now that you have the memo, all that's left is the Amount to fill in. The Amount is always 1 CACAO.

7. Send the transaction

You should have all the boxes filled in now. The final step is sending the transaction.

Once you have sent the transaction, check with your node operator went well. You should now be a bond provider to a MAYANode.


  1. First, you'll need to check with your Node operator to check if your node is churned out (you can't unbond otherwise).

  2. Follow the exact same steps as above. The only change will be the memo which should use UNBOND instead of BOND, with this format UNBOND:ASSET:LPUNITS:NODEADDRESS

    • Example: UNBOND:THOR.RUNE:100000000000:maya13pv4zgyy85lzadjjkyvy3mmmr7l0yx9lzamay4

New solutions are being worked on to make bonding and managing nodes easier.

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