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Security Nodes

Exporting security to other Application-Specific-Blockchains and creating a Maya Economy.
Maya Protocol is designed to be safe, useful, and solvent to attract Liquidity Providers and facilitate cross-chain exchanges. Due to its economical design and incentives, it has the ability to export this Security and Solvency to other listed chains while sharing $CACAO tokens. Maya can remain a conservative space even though $CACAO can be used in other, more flexible, or fast-growing environments, creating new use cases and demand for it while bringing back more economic activity to the Maya Economy.


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    Maya is, by design, a very solvent, very secure, and very censorship-resistant network. It also has the tradeoff of not supporting some interesting capabilities like smart contracts, DeFi, derivative products, NFTs, etc.
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    Maya could export its security and solvency architecture to other side chains by sharing the same nodes and the same native token —$CACAO. This can be accomplished with triple redundancy by having an IBC bridge, Bifröst equivalent —and what we call a “Security Nodes” model. In exchange for securing alternative chains, Maya Protocol can earn fees or taxes differently.
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    Alternative chains could have many functionalities and economic activities that benefit $CACAO and the whole Maya ecosystem. As long as it is done within certain limits and parameters, there is little to no downside in having more chains.