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Constants and Mimir

Constants and Mimir Settings Defined.


The network launched with a set number of constants, which has not changed. Constants can be overridden via Mimir and nodes have the ability to vote on and change Mimir values.
Mimir setting can be created and changed without a corresponding Constant.
  • No Star or Hash - Constant only, no Mimir override.
  • Star (*) indicates a Mimir override of a Constant
  • Hash (#) indicates Mimir with no Constant.

Outbound Transactions

OutboundTransactionFee: Amount of cacao to withhold on all outbound transactions (1e8 notation)

Scheduled Outbound

MaxTxOutOffset: Max number of blocks a scheduled outbound transaction can be delayed
MinTxOutVolumeThreshold: Quantity of outbound value (in 1e8 cacao) in a block before its considered "full" and additional value is pushed into the next block
TxOutDelayMax: Maximum number of blocks a scheduled transaction can be delayed
TxOutDelayRate: Rate of which scheduled transactions are delayed


HaltTrading: Pause all trading
Halt<chain>Trading: Pause trading on a specific chain
MaxSwapsPerBlock: Artificial limit on the number of swaps that a single block with process
MinSwapsPerBlock: Process all swaps if the queue is equal to or smaller than this number


MaxSynthPerAssetDepth: The amount of synths allowed per pool relative to the pool depth
BurnSynths#: Enable/Disable burning synths
MintSynths*: Enable/Disable minting synths
VirtualMultSynths: The amount of increase the pool depths for calculating swap fees of synths

LP Management

PauseLP*: Pauses the ability for LPs to add/remove liquidity
PauseLP<chain>*: Pauses the ability for LPs to add/remove liquidity, per chain
MaximumLiquidityCacao*: Max cacao capped on the pools known as the ‘soft cap’
LiquidityLockUpBlocks: The number of blocks LP can withdraw after their liquidity

Impermanent Loss Protection

FullImpLossProtectionBlocks*: Number of blocks before an LP gets full imp loss protection
ILP-DISABLED-<asset>*: Enable/Disable imp loss protection per asset

Chain Management

HaltChainGlobal*: Pause observations on all chains (chain clients)
HaltTrading: Stops swaps and additions, if done, will result in refunds. Observations still occur.
Halt<chain>Chain*: Pause a specific blockchain
Halt<chain>Chain*: Pause a specific blockchain
NodePauseChainGlobal: Individual node controlled means to pause all chains
NodePauseChainBlocks: Number of block a node operator can pause/resume the chains for
BlocksPerYear: Blocks in a year
MaxUTXOsToSpend*: Max UTXOs to be spent in one block
MinimumNodesForBFT: Minimum node count to keep the network running. Below this, Ragnarök is performed.

Fee Management

NativeTransactionFee: Cacao fee on all on chain txs
TNSRegisterFee: Registration fee for new MAYAName, in cacao
TNSFeeOnSale: fee for TNS sale in basis points
TNSFeePerBlock: per block cost for TNS, in cacao

Solvency Checker

StopSolvencyCheck#: Enable/Disable Solvency Checker
StopSolvencyCheck<chain>#: Enable/Disable Solvency Checker, per chain
PermittedSolvencyGap: The amount of funds permitted to be "insolvent". This gives the network a little bit of "wiggle room" for margin of error

Node Management

MaximumBondInCacao: Sets an upper cap on how much a node can bond
MinimumBondInCacao*: Sets a lower bound on bond for a node to be considered to be churned in
ValidatorMaxRewardRatio*: the ratio to MinimumBondInCacao at which validators stop receiving rewards proportional to their bond

Yggdrasil Management

YggFundLimit: Funding limit for yggdrasil vaults (percentage)
YggFundRetry*: Number of blocks to wait before attempting to fund a yggdrasil again
StopFundYggdrasil#: Enable/Disable yggdrasil funding
ObservationDelayFlexibility*: Number of blocks of flexibility for a validator to get their slash points taken off for making an observation
PoolDepthForYggFundingMin*: the minimum pool depth in CACAO required for ygg funding
MinimumNodesForYggdrasil: No yggdrasil pools if MAYANode have less than 6 active nodes

Slashing Management

LackOfObservationPenalty: Add two slash points for each block where a node does not observe
SigningTransactionPeriod: How many blocks before a request to sign a tx by yggdrasil pool, is counted as delinquent.
DoubleSignMaxAge: Number of blocks to limit double signing a block
FailKeygenSlashPoints: Slash for 720 blocks, which equals 1 hour
FailKeysignSlashPoints: Slash for 2 blocks
ObserveSlashPoints: the number of slashpoints for making an observation (redeems later if observation reaches consensus
ObservationDelayFlexibility: number of blocks of flexibility for a validator to get their slash points taken off for making an observation
JailTimeKeygen: blocks a node account is jailed for failing to keygen. DO NOT drop below TSS timeout
JailTimeKeysign: blocks a node account is jailed for failing to keysign. DO NOT drop below TSS timeout


AsgardSize: Defines the number of members to an Asgard vault
MinSlashPointsForBadValidator: Min quantity of slash points needed to be considered "bad" and be marked for churn out
BondLockupPeriod: Lockout period that a node must wait before being allowed to unbond
ChurnInterval*: Number of blocks between each churn
HaltChurning: Pause churning
DesiredValidatorSet: Max number of validators
FundMigrationInterval*: Number of blocks between attempts to migrate funds between asgard vaults during a migration
NumberOfNewNodesPerChurn#: Number of targeted additional nodes added to the validator set each churn
BadValidatorRedline*: Redline multiplier to find a multitude of bad actors
BadValidatorRate: Rate to mark a validator to be rotated out for bad behavior
OldValidatorRate: Rate to mark a validator to be rotated out for age
LowBondValidatorRate: Rate to mark a validator to be rotated out for low bond


EmissionCurve*: How quickly cacao is emitted from the reserve in block rewards
IncentiveCurve*: The split between nodes and LPs while the balance is optimal
MaxAvailablePools: Maximum number of pools allowed on the network. Gas pools (native pools) are excluded from this.
MinCacaoPoolDepth*: Minimum number of cacao to be considered to become active
PoolCycle*: Number of blocks the network will churn the pools (add/remove new available pools)
StagedPoolCost: Number of cacao (1e8 notation) that a stage pool is deducted on each pool cycle.
More documentation can be found here.
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