Using THORWallet Mobile APP

How to install THORWallet on your mobile device

  1. Download THORWallet on your iOS or Android device.

  1. Clicking on the "Get Started" button, and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, after which the wallet setup starts on the following screen:

  1. Click create new wallet. After clicking on Create Wallet, you will be asked to write down your unique seed. You can view your seed phrase by clicking on “Backup Wallet”.

  1. Click Backup Wallet. You will see the following screen with your seed phrase.

  1. Copy the seed to your clipboard and keep it on your phone, or (highly recommended) write it down and keep it off-line.

  1. Create a PIN.

  1. Confirm your PIN.

  1. You can opt to unlock the wallet with biometrics. To do so, click on “Enable biometrics” or click on skip if you do not.

  1. Finally, you can scroll through some information slides about THORWallet’s functionalities or just click on “Get Started”, which will bring you to the “home page” of the app.

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