by importing Ledger hard wallet into XDEFI

  1. Create a new XDEFI wallet, or use an existing one. Make sure to โ€œPrioritize XDEFIโ€ in the settings.

  1. Import Ledger accts into XDEFI via Settings > Wallet management > Connect to the hardware wallet. This opens a new screen.

  1. Plug the Ledger into the computerโ€™s USB port, enter the PIN code to unlock, and select the chain app on the Ledger device you want to open (ex., Bitcoin app).

If you get this type of error you can find a debug checklist for importing Ledger into XDEFI at the end of this guide.

  1. In the browser, select the addresses from that chain to import.

  1. Once complete, go back to XDEFI and repeat the process to add hardware wallets to XDEFI from other Ledger chains.

  2. Make sure to quit the Ledger device app first, then open the chain app on Ledger youโ€™re adding next.

When you open THORChain app on your Ledger, the first screen says โ€œPending Ledger Reviewโ€ - double-click past this, so the Thorchain app is open and ready.

Debugging process for Ledger devices

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