Asset Notation

Understanding THORChain Asset Notation

MAYAChain uses a CHAIN.ASSET notation for all assets. TICKER and ID are added where required. The asset full notation is pictured.

There are three kinds of assets within MAYAChain:

  1. Layer 1 Assets - CHAIN.ASSET

  2. Synthetic Assets - CHAIN/Asset

  3. Derived Assets - MAYA.ASSET




BTC.BTC (Native BTC)


BTC/BTC (Synthetic BTC)


MAYA.BTC (Derived BTC)






DASH.DASH (Native)





Layer 1 Assets

  • Layer 1 (L1) chains are always denoted as CHAIN.ASSET, e.g. BTC.BTC.

  • As two tokens can live on different blockchains, the chain can be used to distinguish them. Example: USDC is on the Ethereum Chain and Arbitrum Chain and is denoted as ETH.USDC and ARB.USDC respectively; note the contract address (ticker) was removed for simplicity.

  • Tickers are added to denote assets and are required in the full name. For EVM based Chains, the ticker is the ERC20 Contract address, e.g. ETH.USDC-0XA0B86991C6218B36C1D19D4A2E9EB0CE3606EB48. This ensures the asset is specific to the contract address. The pools list shows assets using the full notation.

  • Synthetic Assets are denoted as CHAIN/ASSET instead of CHAIN.ASSET, e.g. Synthetic BTC is BTC/BTC and Synthetic USDT is ETH/USDT. While Synthetic assets live on the MAYAChain blockchain, they retain their CHAIN identifier.

  • Synthetic Assets can only be created from MAYAChain-supported L1 assets and are only denoted as CHAIN/ASSET, no ticker or ID is required.

  • Chain differentiation is also used for Synthetics, e.g. ETH/USDC and ARB/USDC are different Synthetic assets created and redeemable on different chains.

Derived Assets

  • Derived Assets, currently specific to Lending, are denoted as MAYA.ASSET. E.g. MAYA.BTC is Derived Bitcoin.

  • All Derived Assets live on the MAYAChain blockchain and do not have a Chain identifier.

  • Currently, Derived Assets are used internally within MAYAChain only.

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