Roadmap 2023

Learn about the vision and goals for Maya’s future!


  • March 8th: Maya Protocol launch, with the chain functioning optimally and producing blocks.

  • March 16th: Liquidity Auction goes live, allowing users to deposit their assets and receive its equivalent in $CACAO (on a later date), donated and added to their LP.


  • April 1st : Liquidity Auction completion, with a raise of $11.5 million (Block no.: 573,000).

  • April 17th: $CACAO donation to Liquidity Auction Participants complete.

  • April 20th: Trading on the Maya Protocol goes live.

  • May 17th: Tier 3 Liquidity unlock (Block no.: 979,311).

  • June 1st: Initiation of Impermanent Loss Protection (ILP) for all pools.


  • July 12th: Tier 2 Liquidity unlock (Block no.: 1,869,000).

  • July 28th: Dash integrated & Liquidity-Nodes launches successfully on MAYAChain .


  • Oct 12th: Kujira LP live.

  • TBD: Savers feature go live.

  • Nov 3rd: Tier 1 Liquidity Snapshot for $MAYA Airdrop.

    • Unlock at Block no.: 3,453,000.

  • TBD: Arbitrum integration & Streaming Swaps go live.

  • TBD: Aztec Chain launches.

  • TBD: Cardano integration goes live.

Future dates are estimations.

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