🎨Content Creators Guide

Maya Protocol's Visual Identity guide.

Whether your creative outlet is a YouTube video, an article, a tweet, or a meme, here are a few simple guidelines that will make your content look more polished and consistent with the visual identity of Maya Protocol's brand.

Quick Definitions:

  • Maya Protocol is an ecosystem that encompasses MAYAChain (Live) & AZTECChain (in development)

  • MAYAChain is a cross-chain AMM that facilitates cross-chain swaps without the need for bridging or wrapping assets.

  • AZTECChain is the smart contract layer for Maya Protocol that will enable suite of DeFi solutions to compliment & leverage MAYAChain cross-chain capabilities.

For more information and expanded explanations please visit What is Maya Protocol & How it works sections.

Naming Convention:

Note how the names are written. Make sure to use this conventions.

  • Maya Protocol: 2 separate words, with only the first letters capitalized for both words.

  • MAYAChain: 1 word, with the word "MAYA" and the first letter of "Chain" capitalized.

  • AZTECChain: 1 word, with the word "AZTEC" and the first letter of "Chain" capitalized.

Color Scheme:



You can find all the logos in different formats on this link.

If you're going to reference any Maya Protocol social media or websites, please use the official links.

If you need anymore information, please contact the team directly on our official Discord.

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