Using THORWallet web APP

How to set up a new MAYAChain keystore wallet using THORWallet

1. Go to THORWallet DEX and click "Connect."

2. Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

3. Select "Create Keystore."

4. Create and confirm a password for the keystore file. Make sure to save this password. You'll need it to open the keystore file. Make sure to save the 12-words seed phrase; you can use it to recover your wallet if you lose your keystore.

5. Click "Download" and save the thorwallet-keystore.txt keystore file somewhere safe on your local drive.

6. On Connect screen select "Keystore" option to connect using your newly created keystore file.

7. Select the new keystore file (thorwallet-keystore.txt) saved on your drive, input your password and click "Unlock."

8. Select "My Assets" from the left sidebar.

9. Search for MAYA token in "Search assets" at the top.

10. Select MAYA.

11. Change the tab from "Send" to "Receive" - there, you will be able to copy your new Maya wallet address. It should begin with "maya..."

Save your new Maya wallet address, and keystore (if you created one), and password in a safe place. You’ll need your Maya address for the next steps.

In the example, the Maya wallet created with the keystore file was:


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