Swap Assets Using Custom Memos.

This guide should only be used by Advanced Users. It is highly recommended to use Maya UIs to transact. A mistake in any step CAN cause loss of funds.

Memo Format


For a full list of memo formats and abbreviations check this page.


Through a MAYAChain UI (eg. El Dorado, Asgardex)

  1. Connect/Create wallet.

  2. Transfer from the ASSET you want to swap from (eg. ETH).

  3. In the memo field substitute the format for the actual values. Example:

    • SWAP:MAYA.CACAO:maya1x5979k5wqgq58f4864glr7w2rtgyuqqm6l2zhy

    or you can abbreviate it to:

    • =:MAYA.CACAO:maya1x5979k5wqgq58f4864glr7w2rtgyuqqm6l2zhy

  4. In the amount field, type the amount you wish to swap

Make sure you have an amount left in your (from) wallet to cover the transaction fees. Check the following for BTC fees, ETH fees, RUNE fees (0.02 $RUNE), DASH fees, KUJI fees (around 0.003 $KUJI, but confirm through a Kujira Wallet).

  1. Press send.

  2. Check your transaction/Maya Address on MayaScan.

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