Liquidity Auction

What is the Maya Liquidity Auction?

A Liquidity Auction is a fair launch combined with an airdrop. Users may provide external assets and are airdropped $CACAO proportional to their contribution. LP their tokens and get matched amounts with the offered token, in this case, $CACAO. The process will help us bootstrap the initial liquidity that the protocol needs to function and provide a superior user experience to our swappers with less slippage for swaps. Tier 1 participants will also get an allocation of $Maya tokens. Read more in our Whitepaper.

Can I buy $CACAO after the Liquidity Auction?

Remember, there will not be any other $CACAO issuances, so anybody that wants to own the token will have to acquire it from somebody that got it during this mint.

$CACAO’s price will likely be the cheapest ever (in $BTC terms) right after the auction. This makes it more attractive for people to invest heavily during the Liquidity Auction.

When is the Maya Liquidity Auction?

Maya Liquidity Auction started on March 16th, 2023 and ended on April 1st.

What assets were used to provide Liquidity?

Anybody could contribute supported assets, such as $BTC, $ETH, $USDT, $USDC and $RUNE, to the auction during the timeframe by sending them to a specified address.

Was there a minimum entry?

No, anyone could participate with as little as one satoshi! Excluding transaction fees of course.

There was also a $MAYA token airdrop for early liquidity providers and $RUNE holders.

Could users withdraw during the Liquidity Auction?

Withdrawals during the Liquidity Auction period (21 days) were only allowed for Tier 2 & Tier 3 LPs without any limits. They can exit at any point if they no longer want to participate in the auction. Tier 1 LPs are our most committed LPS. Therefore withdrawals were not allowed during the Liquidity Auction period.

Could I withdraw my assets after the Liquidity Auction ends?

Once the LA ends, participants will receive their $CACAO. Maya designed a Liquidity Auction Withdrawals Tiers model to prevent rapid withdrawals and $CACAO dumping. Each Tier has a different lock-up period and daily withdrawal limit.

What safety precautions were taken during the auction?

We’ve undergone thorough audits with HalbornSecurity to ensure no vulnerabilities were found. We will also ran bug bounties on

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