THORChads Airdrop

$MAYA Airdrop to $RUNE holders.

Was there a $CACAO airdrop for $RUNE holders?

No, the only way to get $CACAO was through the Liquidity Auction, but $RUNE owners qualify for $MAYA token airdrop. We are a friendly fork of THORChain and have no interest in vampire away any of their capital or users. We plan to share 7% of the total $MAYA token supply with them to acknowledge their support for THORChain, which makes Maya Protocol possible. Find all information related to Thorchads airdrop here.

How do you qualify for the $MAYA Airdrop for Thorchads?

7% of the total $Maya supply will go to RUNE owners simply by:

A. Having $RUNE bonded in a Node,

B. Having $RUNE locked in a symmetrical LP position,

C. Having a $RUNE asymmetrical LP position,

D. Holding $RUNE in a wallet and/or,

E. Holding $RUNE in Maya pools during the auction.

RUNE address had to be connected to MAYA address to reward active wallets, prevent dilution of the Airdrop and the loss of a limited $MAYA supply. Snapshots were taken daily to prevent the gaming of the Airdrop.

What wallets qualified for Rune owner's $Maya airdrop?

Non-custodial wallets such as Trust Wallet, XDEFI, Ledger, ThorWallet DEX.

Custodial wallets such as Binance and Coinbase did’t qualify.

What date would sending $RUNE to a Thorwallet have qualified the wallet?

All RUNE sent to a Thorwallet before March 6 would qualify.

When did the $MAYA Airdrop take place?

The $MAYA Airdrop was completed on the 17th of May, 2023.

How were $MAYA tokens claimed?

To claim $MAYA tokens, you will have to create a Maya wallet (THORWallet can do this for your) and send a minimum of 1 $RUNE to the Maya pool. Detailed instruction were also mentioned in the docs, our official Twitter, and our #Announcements channels on Discord.

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