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Mondays with Maya

#35: Sep 18, 2023.
Key Points
  • We're pleased to announce Maya Protocol's integration into Pulsar Finance, providing users effortless monitoring of CACAO/MAYA tokens, LP positions, and Savers positions. Pulsar also added support for the Dash chain.
  • The release of version 106 marked a significant milestone for Maya Protocol. Here are some noteworthy updates:
    • Dynamic Outbound Fee Multiplier (DOFM): Our commitment to enhancing user experience includes more flexible fee structures.
    • Node Rewards Fix: To further enhance stability, we've resolved issues related to node rewards.
    • Whitelist of Ethereum Tokens: Safeguard your swaps with an enhanced security measure against scam tokens.
    • First Dex Aggregation Contracts for Ethereum: Seamlessly swap BTC, ETH, and more across Ethereum's decentralized exchanges.
    • Improved MAYANode Sync: We've fixed bugs to ensure accurate chain synchronization status.
  • Version 106 had synchrony issues; Fixes, Savers & Kujira to launch version 107 by week's end with changes to operator fee & more. Further details to follow.
  • We believe in the power of community collaboration. If you possess knowledge of JavaScript and would like to contribute to our project, please reach out!
#34: Sep 11, 2023.
Key Points
  • $KUJI integration in MAYAChain broadens Kujira capabilities, by providing $KUJI holders access to THORChain and MAYAChain backed assets e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, THORChain, without KYC and transparently.
  • At the same time, #Kujira will be the gateway for Maya Protocol into the broader Cosmos ecosystem, ushering in exciting new possibilities in all the relevant Cosmos chains.
  • THORWalletDEX recently teased the introduction of $KUJI in their wallet, allowing for sending/receiving assets on the Android test flight. To access these features, update the APP and explore the world of Kujira.
  • MAYANodes airdrop successfully distributed last Friday, rewarding all contributors to MAYAChain security.
  • Our team is preparing to release an update with bug fixes, clearing the $DASH transaction queue, and making fees cheaper (improving the Outbound Fee Multiplier).
#33: Sep 4, 2023.
Key Points
  • Airdrop to nodes to be distributed this week; allocation details to be shared later today. Bond operators/nodes with doubts should notify us; payments to be made by Wednesday/Thursday.
  • We have halted liquidity node churns for a few days due to a bug in Dash. We are diligently working to fix the issue and will provide updates by week's end.
  • Regarding Dash, We've made changes to Bifröst to collect more data and logs. Two fixes are planned; one may not be ready this week, while the other may be resolved by the end of the week. Keep an eye on Discord for updates.
  • Our team is progressing and performing admirably. Preparations for the Kujira launch are underway; Kujira has been quite helpful. We plan to launch Dash version 106 shortly and a potentially major Maya update is being considered to expedite the process.
  • We may need to submit a second proposal with further clarity is necessary for the Cardano funding proposal. We thank the Cardano community for their positive feedback.
  • On the development front, our contributors and community have been actively involved, we thank you and really appreciate your feedback and new ideas.
  • Participants in the Ambassadors Program must complete the form soon; announcements will be made on Discord and Twitter.
  • We've implemented new security measures to ensure Discord server safety and are actively discussing ways to further improve security.
#32: Aug 28, 2023.
Key Points
  • Thorwalled and ZK Discord were compromised despite 2Fa and security measures due to Discord's structure. Hacker gained access, booted moderators, and claimed an airdrop with associated wallets compromised. Accounts regained today with further security measures encouraged. Social engineering, not only code, and 2FA should be taken into account for Maya Protocol security.
  • Maya Protocol never rushes airdrops; announcements are made way in advance to ensure careful claiming processes. Limited times or spots are usually indicative of a scam.
  • Maya Protocol will never send/redirect to an unofficial website; official websites will be used exclusively.
  • We encourage you to use new wallets to claim Airdrops; it's fast and easy to setup, not to mention, much safer.
  • Always verify information from multiple sources; consult our mods/admins, docs, & website; be skeptical.
  • Hackers plan meticulously; stay vigilant and report suspicious activity. Help protect the community.
Business side
  • Kujira's arrival is imminent; integration of Maya protocol into their ecosystem has been confirmed by multiple teams.
  • Our team is developing v106, featuring Kujira, savers, outbound fee multiplier, and improvements for node operators to enhance churns. Dash core wallets, ledger, and trust wallets are in the pipeline.
  • Our team achieved the first early node airdrop last week! Visit our Discord for more info. Interested in contributing? Check out the Data passthrough and join the conversation. https://gitlab.com/mayachain/mayanode/-/issues/16
#31: Aug 21, 2023.
Key Points
  • Our team is focusing on v.106 & ledger integration, which will include features like $Kujira, Dynamic fee multiplier, & savers, plus relevant fixes.
  • Integration with Ledger expected in early September, followed by Trust wallet and Swap kit.
  • Last week saw our first churn post-Tss updates, raising our nodes from 13 to 15. Active validator set bond eclipsed 2M, totaling 4.6M with active and standby bonds.
  • One last churn before the first airdrop of Maya tokens, split 50/50 between node operators and bond providers, is the final opportunity to join the active validator set. Following 12 churns, a second airdrop will be delivered, after 18 churns a third, and after 36 churns, the last 17,500 $Maya tokens, totalling 70,000 $Maya tokens.
  • We recommend our community use MayaScan and the team is working diligently to have its features match the old explorer.
  • Record of $15.4K on $Dash pool in 24 hrs. DAO approved cacao addition, pool soon to exceed $200K.
  • We invite our community to aid us in advancing our gitbook, webpage, and discord by contributing and/ or identifying areas for improvement.
#30: Aug 14, 2023.
Key Points
  • Executed a successful churn, allocating $4M LP Bonds evenly by validators and stand-bys.
  • Maintenance on Binance TSS will delay the upcoming churn. We remain committed to emulating their approach and await the necessary adjustments. Three more churns are expected before the early node airdrop is fully allocated.
  • Our team is creating version 106 and essential housekeeping updates to speed up our development process.
  • We have achieved a major accomplishment in our partnership with the Dash Investment Foundation and will soon be adding Lp to the pool, offering great potential.
  • High priority is given to Ledger support. Testing and refining are being carried out, with Ledger team providing evaluation to ensure integration.
  • Our ecosystem achieved a noteworthy milestone over the weekend, with a record-breaking volume of $700,000 and total liquidity rising from $15.6 million to $18 million.
  • Join Maya Protocol and actively participate, share experiences, and provide feedback to our team. Engage with our community and help spread awareness of ThorChain. Together, we can elevate the ecosystem.
#29: Aug 7, 2023.
Key Points
  • Last week our team focused on fixing the threshold when signing transactions and finding bugs.
  • v106 nearing completion; Kujira, savers, dynamic fee multiplier implementation are getting closer.
  • We achieved a successful churn after 13 attempts; to reduce it to 2 attempts, key agent fixes will be implemented in version 106.
  • Security has risen to 3M dollars (20% of network security) with active validators at 1.6M and standby bonds at 1.2M. Impressive numbers.
  • Ledger support coming soon; testing rounds underway; priority for Dev team; similar to TC; should go smoothly.
  • Bond providers 4-6 to ensure continuous growth. Gain $MAYA airdrop by bonding or running a node.
  • Dash LP swaps are working well; we must focus on increasing Lp. We have a few things prepared to make it happen.
  • If you want to help us, you can start by pushing integrations for Dash x Maya to have this integration everywhere.
  • What is next? New chains. We invite you to engage, join the conversation in our Discord and let us know what you think about new chains integration.
  • Some of you participated in the THORWallet referrals program. 4 or 5 people haven't yet linked their wallet, so please get in touch.
#28: July 31, 2023.
Key Points
  • Last week's launch of version 105 was successful, with four active validators and nine standby liquidity nodes with a combined $1.9 million in bonds. Interested in running a node? Instructions are available on Discord.
  • Dash integration is live and functioning, with add, withdraw, and swap operations. ThorWallet and El Dorado are polishing final details; watch out for them.
  • Dash pool has reached $113K, aiming to exceed $1M with further support.
  • v106 is upcoming, introducing Kujira, savers, and dynamic fee multipliers. v107 will introduce Arbitrum and streaming swaps.
#27: July 24, 2023.
Key Points
  • We are delighted to launch v105, our biggest update yet, with major changes to our codebase. Tested for reliability.
  • v105 of our system features updated Liquidity Nodes and Dash integration. Stage net is live today and tomorrow, followed by bond unhalt. In a few days, Liquidity Nodes will be churned, allowing community members to add liquidity and trade.
  • Emphasizing safety, we urge all to take the time necessary to ensure security.
  • Liquidity nodes & Dash integration pave the way for future chain integration.
  • Our team will be rewarding Thor Wallet referrals with Maya tokens this week. Stay tuned of further information.
  • v106 is in development, with either Arbitrum or Kujira. It will also address any issues detected during v105 testing.
  • Look out for the new streaming swap features coming soon after rigorous testing on THORChain for reliability.
#26: July 17, 2023.
Key Points
  • Version 105 of MAYAChain and Dash integration is imminent. For updates, follow our Discord.
  • Version 106 with features Kuji & Savers coming soon after 105. Progress made by team is impressive.
  • Tier 2 unlocked. Withdrawing available on testflight, android, and web app. Apple users can expect new version soon with added features. Thanks for feedback.
  • Introducing MayaScan, a cutting-edge blockchain explorer designed for speed and user-friendliness. Check your transactions and data effortlessly. Keep an eye out for upcoming features that will enhance your experience further.
  • Exciting integrations are in progress! Maya will soon be integrated into Dash core wallets.
  • Kuji Devs have also confirmed their integration with Maya. If you are a Dev in the Kuji ecosystem, we want to hear from you! Reach out to us on Discord to explore opportunities.
#25: July 3, 2023.
Key Points
  • Our team is testing Dash's chain locks with the Dash incubators team to create a consensus layer alternative. This will take a few more days; stay tuned.
  • We are refining, testing, and confirming the operation of liquidity nodes. Tests are progressing well, revealing minor issues, facilitating quicker fixes, and enabling seamless mainnet operation.
  • Maya Mask Airdrop distributed. Check wallet & Discord for updates.
  • Defispot offers an exchange experience with DEFI, replicating the functions of centralized exchanges. Defispot is a cross-chain aggregator for token swaps, and Maya protocol adds support for cross-chain native tokens.
  • Integrating MAYAChain is essential to increase options and create new liquidity pools, routes and chains (e.g. Cardano, Dash and Kujira). MAYAChain will also add new features and enhance the DeFi user experience.
  • Devs are nearing completion of MAYAChain integration; stay updated on our socials for news.
Key Points
  • Testing of Liquidity Nodes (LN) feature revealed compatibility issue due to logic changes between v104 and v105; adjustments needed and will be completed in a few days.
  • Dash is operational, nodes ready, Bifrost scanning; integration imminent, stay alert.
  • For Savers & Kuji anticipate a swift update following v.105, with a rapid release cycle.
  • We invite our tech-oriented members to explore our Gitbook for updates and innovations, along with engaging content.
  • DEX Aggregation enabled: Code present, interface paused; soft launch in few weeks, hard launch later; feature arriving soon.
  • Maya Mask holders have 48 hours to review the list to published on Discord. If issues arise, contact the team. Airdrop to follow.
  • Our team is compiling and organizing referral code data; cashbacks will be distributed next week.
  • Quests are active; join for rewards without the Maya mask requirement.
  • We'll host our first Twitter Spaces with Ambassadors to discuss Maya Protocol. Further info to come later this week.
Key Points
  • v105, containing Dash and LN, is performing better. A Dash issue was stuck on Monday, which necessitated API updates, and was resolved with assistance from the Dash Core Group & Dash Incubator.
  • We updated the smoke tests for Dash & Maya, pushed the integration to Stagenet, and resolved liquidity nodes issues; however, there is still a bond issue pending.
  • Testing is imperative for a successful launch to Mainnet; Dash & LN should be open to bonds this week if testing is successful. Updates will be given on Discord.
  • Dynamic Outbound Fees Multiplier (which reduces swap fees) postponed to v106 due to compatibility issues on Stagenet. Resolution will take a couple of weeks, so the update was postponed to avoid delaying Dash & LN.
  • We are fixing Midgard and CACAO prices on CoinGecko, as well as developing v106 savers.
  • Regarding Maya Masks: 20th of June (Today) is the last day to link your wallets, we will have a list showing the addresses that were eligible on Friday the 16th.
  • Caution advised when seeking support; scammers WILL pose as support. Never provide your seed phrase & always verify information from multiple sources.
  • There is a lot of interest in running MAYANodes especially from Bare Metal Nodes operators.
  • We will finally get to see the tradeoffs of Liquidity Nodes vs Pure Bonds tested in real life.
  • New Maya Quests will conclude on July 17th; all are welcome, Mask not required.
  • Ambassadors selected; additional spots available shortly. Ambassadors Twitter Spaces being planned for end of week.
#22: June 12, 2023
Key Points
  • Dash integration experienced a compatibility issue with the RPC connecting nodes to send/receive transactions. Observations are working, however, signing transactions has encountered the issue. The Dash Core team is currently addressing and both teams are striving to resolve it promptly.
  • Version 105 is nearly ready with its exciting features, including the Dynamic fee multiplier reducing fees from 3X to 1.5X. The Maya Mask airdrop will have an eligible address list released in the coming days. If any doubts arise, contact a team member for assistance.
  • We are pleased to share that the Swapper DEX wallet will soon integrate Maya. Finalizing the update will enable us to welcome new community members, unique users, and increased volume to the tribe.
  • We are delighted to welcome our first Maya Ambassadors: Mr.Mohawk, Team Ocebot, Anouluwalove, brawncrypto_eth and shelleymaeph! Welcome to the program.
#21: June 5, 2023
Key Points
  • Version 105, featuring Dash and Liquidity Nodes, is soon to be released. These additions are anticipated to expand the user base, boost volume and create stronger security. Additionally, Liquidity Nodes are expected to improve liquidity stability.
  • Claim your Maya Mask in two weeks before the snapshot! Connect your ETH wallet holding Maya Mask to the Maya Protocol via swap or liquidity.
  • Our team has selected people for the first round of the Maya MaAmbassador's program; a new form will be available on our website for the next round. Claim your Maya mask before the snapshot taken this month by connecting your eth wallet to Maya Protocol (via swap or liquidity provision). Two more weeks remain.
  • Maya Academy's marketing team is releasing beginner-friendly, 101 crypto info articles, as well as sophisticated material for experienced users.
  • Participants have one week remaining to compete and reach the summit of Maya Quests' rankings!
#20: May 29, 2023.
Key Points
  • Back on schedule and team has resumed work on v105 updates, including DASH, Liquidity Nodes, and Savers.
  • Liquidity Nodes feature is essentially ready; undergoing review and minor changes. Should be added to v105 updates.
  • Dash is our top priority; the rebase is now complete. We are conducting a small test with Dash; a giant simulation to visualize & catch problems quickly. Once these tests are run, we will be ready for Dash integration.
  • Our team is making progress in adjusting savers' yield percentage based on synth utilization; the changes are straightforward and will be ready soon.
  • After Dash, we're focusing on Kujira, then Airbitrum; integrating one chain at a time to guarantee functionality and identify problems quickly.
  • Expect the Maya Mask airdrop soon. Refer to the guide and #MayaMask channel on Discord for details. If uncertain, contact a team member for assistance.
  • We love to hear about our community; reach out on our discord, make your case, and let us know which chain you want us to integrate.
#19: May 23, 2023.
Key Points
  • Team finishing version 104 polishing & testing; trading to be enabled soon.
  • Making significant and smooth progress with the Liquidity nodes feature; expect news soon.
  • Dash and Savers up next; 104 version rebase in the works; exciting & noticeable upcoming updates for users.
  • Maya now integrates with Wallet Connect, streamlining the connection to Maya Chain and enabling swapping, sending, & receiving.
#18: May 16, 2023.
Key Points
  1. 1.
    $MAYA airdrop to $RUNE holders is imminent. We appreciate your patience. We are double checking to make sure all data are correct.
  2. 2.
    Team is working hard on the housekeeping update, which will make easier and faster to notice on-chain issues. This update will help us to unhalt BTC chain.
  3. 3.
    Next on the schedule is $DASH and savers, which will bring more liquidity to the protocol.
  4. 4.
    We're excited to launch our Ambassador program! Content creators and influencers can apply to join and get rewarded with Maya tokens.
  5. 5.
    Maya Mask holders receive exclusive quests this month as per community vote and in line with the vision that the Maya-Masks are utility NFTs.
  6. 6.
    Starting next month Non-holders will also have opportunities to earn $MAYA.
  7. 7.
    Do you believe you or someone you know can contribute to Maya Protocol, reach out on our Discord.
#17: May 9, 2023.
Key points
  • Numerous UIs have declared integration of Maya Protocol. Wallets, Dexes, and Portfolio managers will be included, with some already in the process. Anticipate amazing news soon.
  • BTC chain is halted as a precaution to prevent double transactions caused by fee fights.
  • Snapshots for $Rune holders taken May 3; team gathering all data points for distribution. A document containing addresses/points will be available soon; tickets on Discord for inquiries.
  • Rewards for the Maya quests were distributed over the weekend; check wallets.
  • The Maya Tribe is an NFT media, marketing & ambassador community for creators that want to contribute to the Maya ecosystem. Visit their Twitter and Discord for more info.
  • We welcome feedback and collaboration; join our Discord and reach out.
#16: May 3, 2023.
Key points
  • Chain has been performing well, with swaps, synths, and withdrawals functioning as intended. A minor update is scheduled for mid-week, allowing for further refinements.
  • Our team is working on a liquidity nodes feature requested by node operators, which enables bond providers to select the number of LP units to bond with a node, aiding node operator operations.
  • Integration of Dash & Savers is a top priority; end of week target for testing Dash-ETH, Dash-Rune swaps on stage net. Mainnet deployment imminent.
  • We are excited to be negotiating with multiple wallets and UI to integrate Maya, with a new integration expected every 1-2 weeks.
  • Rewards for Maya Quests to be sent by week's end; awaiting info from ThorWallet; announcement once ready.
  • The claiming period for the $MAYA Airdrop has been extended to May 3rd, 23:59 CST. Subsequent to this date, claiming will be closed and data collected to compute points. An official announcement will be made once the airdrop is completed.
#15: April 25, 2023.
Key points
  • We've finally achieved a stable version of the network with an incredible 2,000 swaps and an astounding $1 million of accumulated volume in just 4 days! This is only the beginning, and we're already looking forward to our next milestone: 10 million!
  • Right now, we're focused on increasing the number of liquidity nodes - the more nodes we have, the more decentralized we become, and the deeper liquidity we have. This will also provide $CACAO with greater stability against any potential withdrawal activity, which has been surprisingly low - a true testament to the confidence in the protocol!
  • Maya will integrate $DASH in the next major update, which will create swap routes that are unique to Maya Protocol. This integration will provide more use cases and higher volume, making Maya a more attractive option.
  • Mid-term, we will work on other integrations such as KUJI, ADA (might happen earlier than expected), and $AZTEC.
  • ThorWallet now enables you to swap all assets in the Web App, and you can now make swaps on mobile via Test Flight and Android.
  • The Thorwallet team is working hard to enable LP. We expect this by the end of the week. We are extending the $MAYA AirDrop claiming process for $RUNE holders to four days after ThorWallet enables LP.
  • Listing soon: We filling all applications for the CoinGecko listing team for review. We have already listed ourselves on Coinmarketcap. We just need to link the price info.
#14: April 17, 2023.
Key points
  • We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully donated CACAO! We have an exciting week ahead of us as we eagerly await the activation of trading. We will quickly churn and then we will be ready to unhault the trading.
  • MAYA will concentrate on three pillars: Deep Liquidity, Routes (Chains), and Availability. Once trading is enabled, we will focus on onboarding integrations and partnerships, increasing swaps, and boosting volume. These three pillars must be of the highest quality.
  • The team expects Rango to smoothly integrate Maya once trading is enabled, as ThorChain is already integrated into Rango. Rango is a Crosschain Dex/ Bridge aggregator that enables interoperability between 53 different blockchains.
  • Until 20 April, $Rune holders can still claim the $Maya Airdrop. Once ThorChain reopens the pools, the claiming process will be simplified and the alpha airdrop will occur 10 days later.
#13: April 10,2023.
Key points
  • We expect the final stage net to be available on Tuesday, which will include an update, churn, $CACAO donation, and trading activation. Keep yourself updated by following our Discord & Twitter.
  • We're developing a Community Ambassador initiative aimed at expanding our presence in untapped markets and communities, including Dash and Kuji.
  • We delayed the donation event due to incomplete and error-filled memos. The issues were resolved promptly, but we urge our community to handle funds with care and responsibility.
  • Genesis Nodes protect with trust, Liquidity Nodes with incentives. Liquidity Nodes can boost their capital efficiency by earning both Validator and Liquidity Provider rewards.
  • Your ideas and feedback are invaluable to us. To contribute to Maya, review our Gitbook, or if you are a senior cosmos developer, contact us. More eyes on the code mean better outcomes.
  • Check the complete Maya episode, and stay updated on our latest news by joining our Discord.
#12: April 3, 2023.
Key points
  • Maya Protocol raised $11,421,176.19 and will start operations with approximately $23 million TVL.
  • We're preparing for the $CACAO Donation and will enable trading as soon as possible with minimal slippage.
  • %81 of Liquidity was allocated to Tier 1 which exceeded expectations.
  • Having unique chain integrations, such as Dash & Kuji, is a top priority to have attractive swap routes.
  • 20k $MAYA has been airdropped and THORWalletDEX is working to make them visible with correct balances on both iOS (testflight) and the web interface.
  • Maya Protocol is working on a non-reflexive pool during the summer. Stay tuned for more details.
#11: March 27, 2023.
Key points
  • We have raised over $6 million with 3 days left to go! Maya Protocol is now officially viable, and we will be launching $CACAO on the 31 of March.
  • If you're Cosmos SDK savvy and want to help us to grow the ecosystem, reach out! We are looking for more hands and ideas.
  • A few days ago, Thorwallet figured out a way to add liquidity through Xdefi with Ledger.
  • We are polishing the last details for the first batch of Maya Rewards for Tier 1 liquidity providers, so stay tuned as the airdrops are about to begin.
  • El Dorado intends to join Maya's ecosystem by introducing a swap platform to provide users with more options and increase exposure. The platform will go live following the $CACAO event and activation of Trading.
#10: March 21, 2023.
Key points
  • After opening up the $Rune pool, we went from 800,000 to 4.2m 48 hours later!
  • 93% of the liquidity raised this far is Tier 1, meaning that for 200 days, $CACAO will have a stable price at launch.
  • What's next? 10M, this is an important number because after we open up the savers and with a fifty percent sync cap 30 to 40 dollar mark on TVL would be already 1/3 of the Thorchain pool.
  • After that, our goal is 20M. Pools would be competitive; why is this number so important? We will be taken more seriously, and other interfaces and wallets can't help to notice us.
#9: March 14, 2023.
Key points
  • Tested churning with our own nodes in another Stagenet. Everything worked perfectly. On March 13th at 4:00 p.m. CST we had a smooth and successful churning event of our genesis nodes to Stagenet.
  • We will churn Genesis nodes to the Mainnet today and complete a system check. You can follow our progress more closely on the #genesis-nodes channel on discord https://bit.ly/3LnnPQx
  • The extra $MAYA token rewards will be happening from Wednesday at 10 a.m. CST to Sunday at 10 a.m.
#8: March 7, 2023.
Key points
  • Minting the first block, having all genesis nodes churn in, and opening up THORWallet and inbound addresses publicly for all to add funds will not happen simultaneously.
  • Here's a more realistic timeline:
    -Tuesday (07/03): Mainnet launched, and the first block minted.
    -Wednesday (08/03): Sanity checks and internal testing.
    -Thursday (09/03): Churn once the last Genesis Node reaches the Ethereum Network block tip.
    -Friday (10/03): Significant liquidity can be added if everything looks good.
  • MAYA allocation model is changing to be time-dependent instead of being dependent on the first inflows to pools. The first 75% of the award per pool will be given to people adding T1 liquidity from Friday, March 10th to Tuesday, 14th.
#7: February 28, 2023.
#6: Maya & Thorwallet - February 21, 2023.
Key points
  • THORWallet is currently in the last steps of testing. The Liquidity Auction is completely integrated into the mobile app and currently working on the previous stages of the web app integration.
  • Halborn is currently working on the DASH bifröst audit. Our team prioritized this, and the final report will be available soon. Next on our list is $AZTEC, so stay tuned for more updates.
  • NEW: Maya's cash-back program. Provide liquidity through a wallet and receive a link to share with friends. If they use your link to provide liquidity, you earn a percentage of their liquidity.
#5: Maya & Halborn - February 13, 2023.
Key points
  • Halborn is giving Maya an audit of the code and a 360º analysis of new security measures in the market and economic security assessments.
  • Once Maya’s code audits are done, Aztec will be the next in line.
  • Maya’s first stage was to learn and research about THORChan: how and why it was implemented that way and how they Maya could manage to cover the same issues, and more. The actual stage consists in implementing.
#4: February 7, 2023.
Key points
  • The team is working on updating Maya to the TC version that supports savers, V101, and savers will be available at launch.
  • Stage testing will be started when V101 is ready, and a stage liquidity auction will be conducted around Feb 20th.
  • The THORWallet app has the tiers part of the liquidity auction integrated, and an affiliate program will be launched with THORWallet, rewarding $Maya tokens.
  • There are plans to reward the first Tier 1 liquidity providers under 5M USD with 1% of $MAYA tokens to incentivize joining the LA early.
  • Any wallet with a custom memo function can send funds to the LA, and every integrated chain affects the difficulty of integration.
#3: January 31, 2023.
Key points
  • Thorwallet is looking for ways to incentivize people to participate in the Liquidity Auction, and more details will be shared later.
  • Halborn Security has performed six security audits for Maya, and they are waiting for the final report to end the process.
  • Aztec is coming soon, and CosmWasm and IBC will be enabled from the start for powerful composability.
#2: January 24, 2023.
Key points
  • Liquidity nodes have been improved by bonding LP units with profound intentions, resulting in higher yield, more people adding liquidity, more pool depth, and more affordability.
  • Genesis nodes are motivated by a desire to protect users and are open to more than six nodes willing to put their reputations on the line.
  • Economic incentives for nodes will be significant from the start, and genesis nodes will eventually be churned to make the system more secure and sustainable.
#1: January 17, 2023.
Key points
  • The latest Halborn Audits report shows no major vulnerabilities in Rune & Maya pools. Full report will be shared with the community in the following weeks.
  • Supported tokens on the liquidity auction: $BTC, $RUNE, $ETH, and some stablecoins, with plans to add $KUJI, $Osmos, $BSC, and $BNB after the auction to reduce risks and increase security.
  • The first three Maya Nodes will be run by @THORWalletDEX, @Thorstarter, and @Maya_protocol, with an opportunity for organizations with a stake worth value to join the genesis nodes.

Twitter Spaces with other hosts

Dash is live on the Maya Protocol: https://twitter.com/Dashpay/status/1684933932645539840
Key Points
  • We are thrilled to have this Twitter spaces to announce that the Dash integration with Maya is finally live.
  • We are attempting to address CEX's large market share, KYC, over-regulation, and misused funds by offering an anonymous, straightforward way to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, etc.
  • The objective for the coming days is to increase liquidity by connecting with Dash-associated orgs, such as Dash Incubator, DAOS, and Dash Core Group; encouraging those enthusiastic about the integration to network and publicize.
  • All passionate thinkers from the Dash & Maya communities can request guidance or contribute to the Maya's ecosystem by joining the Dash & Maya Discords. This project belongs to you.
  • El Dorado is a UI providing low-cost, secure asset trading, storage, and growth services linked to the Maya Protocol and Aztec, a central incubator.
  • You can now supply liquidity on El Dorado and see the dash balance. They are currently working on swaps to be available as soon as possible.
  • We are so glad to find a community like Dash focused on financial freedom because that's why we are all here.
  • No central exchange necessary; Maya, a decentralized exchange, enables buying, selling, and swapping of decentralized crypto. A non-custodial solution provides asset autonomy; users determine when assets are needed.
  • Dash and more chains offer communities an opportunity to utilize their assets through permissionless/ no-kyc swaps and trading.
Liquidity Auction Tier ROI calculator with Kyle Krason: https://twitter.com/Maya_Protocol/status/1630723295254548482