How to Swap using ElDorado WebApp

Swapping Assets using the ElDorado Frontend
1- Visit ElDorado Website and press the "Enter El Dorado" button.
2- On the top right corner press the "Connect" button to connect your wallet.
3- A pop-up will appear. Choose "Connect existing keystore". If you don't have a keystore, please follow the How to set up a new Maya wallet using ElDorado guide.
4- Type in your password, then press "Decrypt".
5- Choose the pairs you want to swap (eg. BTC & Cacao), where the top field is the Token you want to swap from and the bottom field is the Token you want to swap to.
6- Enter the amount and press swap. (Make sure you have enough balance to pay for the transaction fees).
7- The page will show you the status of swap.
8- Once the transaction is successful, check your wallet by pressing the "view wallet button on the top right of the page.
For further assistance, please visit ElDorado's Discord channel and/ or Maya Protocol's Discord channel.